Donation Requests

All requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to your event. We receive numerous donation requests throughout the course of a year and we cannot respond to every request we receive. If a donation is approved, you will be contacted by someone from our office. Follow up calls and emails are not necessary. Most donations will be in the form of Gift Certificates.

The following requests will not be considered for a Donation:

  • Individuals requesting donations for trips, sports sponsorships, pageants, etc.
  • Direct donation requests for individuals with catastrophic health and financial needs
  • Individuals soliciting on a behalf of a charity already supported by our Markets
  • Fraternal, political or labor organizations
  • Advertising in school yearbooks and programs for parties and benefit performances
  • Requests for donations for charities outside the communities we serve.
  • For profit and other non-profit organizations requesting donations for associate incentives.