Gift Certificate Program

Program Description:

The Gift Certificate Program was designed to help community non-profit organizations raise money by selling White haven Market or Plymouth Hometown Market gift certificates to their membership as well as extended family and friends.  The non-profit organization makes 5% on all gift certificates sold.  It’s so easy!

How it works:

The non-profit organization would pre-purchase our gift certificates at a 5% discount.  Minimum pre-purchase would be $1,000, in which the non-profit would only pay $950.  So the non-profit would make $50 for every $1,000 in gift certificates they sell.  Please note the non-profit could also pre-sell the gift certificates to get the ball rolling if they do not have the initial $950.

How Much $$$ Can You Raise?

For example if a local, non-profit sells $5,000 worth of gift certificates, then the non-profit would make $250.  People have to eat anyway, so it’s an easy sale.  Set up a table at your next event and start selling.  Please note we do NOT allow the sale of our gift certificates in front of our stores.