Solicitation Request

In an effort to maintain a sense of order, customer safety and a good shopping experience, we only permit one non-profit organization at a time to solicit at the front of our stores. This also affords the non-profit to maximize its effort by not having to compete for our customer’s generosity with another non-profit. Everybody wins!!

We are a local, community market and only allow local, non-profits to solicit. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny a request for any reason. You will be notified my email if your request has been granted.

Since we have limited space at the front of our stores we ask that you limit your “STAND” (Display, table, chairs, signage, and personnel) to a minimum. We also ask that the people soliciting our customers do it in a polite, respectful manner.

Tuesdays, the weekends and around the Holidays are our busiest days. With that in mind those times are at a premium so we limit one organization to two weekends per month. Solicitation requests are on a first come first serve basis, so plan ahead!

Finally, to keep the peace we do NOT allow anyone running for office, political organizations, or community organizers to solicit, collet signatures or campaign outside of our stores. Thank you for your cooperation!

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