Tape Saver Program

Program Description:

The Tape Saver Program was designed to help community non-profit organizations raise money by collecting White Haven Market or Plymouth Hometown Market receipts from their membership as well as extended family and friends.

The non-profit organization would encourage their membership, family and friends to shop at our markets and then turn their register receipts into the non-profit for reimbursement.  In return for the patronage we would rebate 1% of all eligible purchases back to the community non-profit.  It’s so easy!

How it works:

Your group must be a local charitable or non-profit organization.  Some examples of these organizations are Churches, Food Pantries, Non-Profit Animal Shelters, Scouts, etc.  Your organization collects the receipts.  Once a minimum of $10,000 in eligible purchases has been collected, the organization would submit them using the form below.  Once received, the receipts will be verified and within eight weeks your organization receive a rebate check for 1% of all eligible purchases.  (Non-eligible items are tax, milk, tobacco products and gift certificate purchases.)

How Much $$$ Can You Raise?

For example if a local Church has 100 families as members and each family has on average of $100 per week in eligible supermarket purchases.  If all purchases were made at our Markets and the receipts were turned in to the Church.  The Church would be rebated back over the course of a year $5,200 dollars.  The sky is the limit.  There is no time limit and no dollar limit.  Organizations of all sizes can benefit.  List our program on your website, make announcements at gatherings, just spread the word and you will be amazed how many receipts coming pouring in from people who want to help. Please note we do NOT allow the collection of recipes in the front of our stores or anywhere on store property.


Submission Form