2’Fer / BOGO Policy

2’fer Sale

  • 2’fer stands for any sale that has the price listed as 2/$5, 2 for $6, etc.
  • You can buy one on a 2’fer sale and still get the price. For example, on a 2/$5 sale if you buy one you will get the item for $2.50.
  • You can buy more than two items on a 2’fer sale. For example, if you buy three items on a 2 for $6 sale, then you would pay $9.


  • BOGO stands for Buy One Get One Free. This means the customer buys the first item at full retail and then will receive the second identical item FREE.
  • If you only buy one on a BOGO sale, you will pay full price.
  • On Mix and Match BOGO sale with multiple price points, the customer must buy the higher priced item first then they will receive the lower priced item FREE.
  • You can buy more than two items for a BOGO sale; just buy in pairs (2,4,6,etc.). For example, if you bought four during a BOGO sale you would pay for two and get two FREE.