Plymouth Hometown Market
Check Cashing Policy

  • Plymouth Hometown Market will accept a personal check as payment for the amount of the order only (No cash back).
  • Plymouth Hometown Market does NOT cash checks.
  • When using a check the customer must present a valid (not expired) photo driver’s license or photo ID card.
  • There is no way to use a check without presenting a valid ID.
  • The customer’s name must be on the check.
  • The name on the check must match the name on the photo ID.
  • All checks must be signed in the checker’s presence.
  • The check must pass TeleCheck’s verification scan.
  • Plymouth Hometown Market uses TeleCheck, a third-party check verification company, to protect against fraud.
  • If the check does NOT pass TeleCheck’s scan, the customer will NOT be able to use it (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • TeleCheck helps Plymouth Hometown Market reduce fraud, but sometimes good checks are declined too.
  • If declined the customer must call TeleCheck to find out why. The phone number is listed on the receipt.
  • Plymouth Hometown Market employees cannot call on the customer’s behalf.
  • The customer will be asked to sign the receipt, authorizing the company to electronically transfer funds from their checking account.
  • Returned checks for insufficient or uncollected funds will be charged service fee and the original payment amount.
  • Service fees are determined by TeleCheck. The customer agrees to this policy when they sign the receipt at check out.
  • Customers may cash “Rebate Checks” for $20.00 or less and must go toward the payment of an order.

Plymouth Hometown Market reserves the right to refuse to accept any check for any reason.