Community Cash Back

What is Community CashBack?

Community CashBack is a contribution program built around your Grocer’s Store Brands. By collecting UPC’s from the products bearing the qualified brand names (see Qualified), any individual or group can become a Sponsor and earn money for their favorite non-profit Organization. YOU can be a Sponsor!

Do We Earn Cash?

Yes. We believe this gives organizations maximum flexibility to spend where it’s needed most. When submissions are processed, a check will be made out in the Organization’s name and will be mailed to the Sponsor.

How Much Can We Earn?

The Contribution Rate is .02 cents per qualified UPC. The amount you can earn is limited only by the number of UPC’s submitted. With the variety of quality products you will find under the qualified brand names, those pennies will add up quickly.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

Any non-profit organization is qualified to participate in Community CashBack. All it takes is one sponsor submitting UPC’s in that Organization’s name to get started.

What Are the Qualified Brands?

Best Yet, Exceptional Value and Nature’s Finest are the participating brands.

Getting Started

Select the non-profit Organization that you would like to Sponsor. Complete the Registration Form and return it to the address on the form. Start collecting UPC’s. A UPC is the Universal Product Code which is found on every printed package. It is made up of a series of bars with a group of numbers underneath
it. Price stickers on Fresh Meat, Deli, Produce and Bakery items may look similar, but do – not qualify for this program. Because the UPC is the only package element that qualifies, clip it off the label and dispose of the rest. This will cut down on the amount of space needed to save UPC’s and it will reduce the cost to mail them in. Once you have at least 500 UPC’s, complete the UPC Redemption Form and submit the form and UPC’s to the address listed. The minimum number required for submission is 500 UPC labels, which earns a $10 contribution. A sample UPC Redemption Form is on the next page. It has been filled out to show you what a correctly completed form will look like. If you still have questions once you have reviewed the sample, please call 1-888-692-3781. It will take approximately six weeks from the time you mail your submission to receive your Community CashBack Contribution check. Please be patient and make sure you have waited the full six weeks before asking for the status of your submission.

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